I purchased Dalbey's starter kit and was very excited about getting started. I was going through the kit as instructed, feeling excited to get started.

Yesterday I recieved a call from their office, saying my name came up on a list for special consideration and special mentoring.

I listened to the gentleman and answered his questions. he then asked me if I would pay between 8000.00- 10,000 dollars for level one, 4000.00-6000.00 for level two, or 2000.00-3000.00 for level 3.

I explained not having the cash on hand. I was still interested in how I could work with them, I told him I did not have time at this moment I had to go to work. He told me I was not telling the truth. I assured him I was,and told him I did not appreciate his remarks and hung up.

After thinking about what had occured I was disappointed with that whole thing. The gentleman who had called me, did not have any confidence in the booklets or the DVD's and stated why waste time with those things when you could be personally mentored. Now I am carefully weighing my options to find another way to use the internet for income.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I bought the TV course, then continued to get pressured into going to Denver for more Coaching. Finally caved in - as I really wanted to succeed with this.

Spent $2000, then $3000 for their marketing program - which was supposed to be a full year of newsletters - recieved newsletters to mail out for only ONE month, and couldn't talk w anyone for months, and then years passed. Also paid $8000 for the Boot Camp. Actually contacted note holders who wanted to sell their note, and when I followed up with them, it appeared some had actually sold them to Dalby Coaches/employees, but I got nothing. The 1 note guarantee from the Boot Camp never happened.

I called in for additional help, only to be pressured to pay thousands more for more coaching..... I believe it's potentially a good business, but the eithics are missing when someone pays THOUSANDS and walks out without a note closed, nor able to follow up with anyone...


Well I certainly have to disagree with you. For people who don't have much and put their faith into something like this program it becomes a decently sized investment.

I was looking for a legitimate business opportunity because I needed work and still do. I want to do the work but it is very difficult to do so I can't access the protege program for which I paid $2000. I have tried every useless suggestion they have given me and I even took my new computer to a tech to make sure it had all the proper plugins. I have also tried to access the site from other computers and I still get the same results.

They also told me not to use the books if I purchased this new program because the two would conflict. I am willing to do the work but I need this problem resolved and they are unavailable to help and won't return my calls.


All of you people sitting here and complaining about this program are pathetic. First off you didnt ever invest money in the first place to be sitting here complaining and second, businesses cost money if you havent heard.

Its worked for thousands including myself.

You people that come online to complain are lazy and dont want to put any work into it, and then all the sudden its a scam because you never did squat. Good luck in any business with putting no hard work or money into it haha

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