The Russ Dalbey Cash Flow system realistically is not for everyone, just like real estate brokerage is not for everyone, or computer programming is not for everyone. You need two (2) basic things to succeed...1.

An open mind to learn something new, and 2. A willingness to take the information and "work". You know what I'm talking about! I mean roll up your sleeves, dig in and WORK!(Amazing things happen when you do this!) His system is so SIMPLE a 10 year-old could figure it out.

Alot of folks should not even order the course, because they know they don't want to work. Be intellectually honest...this is just an OPPORTUNITY, Not a guarantee of success.

If you are unwilling to work...NOTHING WILL EVER WORK FOR YOU!! (get over it!) Just my thoughts for the day.

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WINNING IN THE CASHFLOW,would have been better appreciated perhaps offered to the public as a training course, and showing the total fees. But instead the ad is just bait to access individuals personal private information.

If the original kit did not provide all the information why sell it? After purchasing the first 1,2,3, kit phone calls follow urging to sign up for more asking $5,000.


Hey Anonymous,

Willingness to work is NOT the problem! I paid an additional $2,000 for their protege program through which I am supposed to become a "professional note finder." I have spent at least four hours a day just trying to stay on their unresponsive website!

I can't even access the program!I tried everything they told me and I even had a tech look at my computer. I keep calling and calling to ask for help.

They tell me no one is available and someone will return my calls but no one does. This has been going on since I purchased the program so excuse me if I don't agree with your comments but why wouldn't I complain if I paid $2,000 for something I can't access???

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