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I order the Russ Dalbey kit. A week or so later I got a phone call from them.

After a lot of lengthy conversation about how they can and want to help my financial situation, and 'take me under their wing', help me be successful, and all they want is my testimonial on a commercial as to my success...then I get the punch line..."so how much cash do you have available, including credit cards?" then a spiel about how using credit to pay for their seminar is the smartest way to do it. When I balk at giving exact $$ info, I'm told..."Oh Russ is in the office today, we are all really excited about that, let me tell him your situation and see if i can get you a discount." He came back with $6,000.00 as the discounted amount. And asked to use the credit card info they had (from my purchase of the kit) to charge the amount.When I said no and asked to think it over, he got hostile and said i had 5 minutes and he would put me on hold to think about it. I told him if it was legit he wouldn't mind me thinking it over, he got mad and started yelling and took back the offer for the seminar and told me i was welcome to pursue the cash flow business on my own, said like he was doing me a favor.

To me, a legitimate business doesn't have to pressure you or corner you, especially when they want you to drop that kind of money, over the phone. I regret buying the kit, and although i will look it over and see if i can do anything with it, i dont expect much.

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Been there,done that

This guy is a scam artist! DO NOT give him any money.

The only cash flow that will happen is from your bank acct directly to his wallet.

This is what is known as a Pyramid or a Tier marketing scam. DONT DO IT!!


Hah its people like you that dont become millionaires. For one you dont believe in investing into a business, and two you sit there a bash a business that has changed tons of lives.

For things in life you need to be persistant and you need to believe in yourself and taking challenges.

Ive made better money than i ever have doing this business. You can either fail, or succeed in life with anything that you do, its your choice.


Russ is only in the office 5% of the time. Every day you call and speak to someone "The Director" who is only a glorified Sr.

sales rep, they say they will talk to Russ and see if he can make a good deal for you. They don't even get out of their chair. They just put you on hold for 5 minutes and talk to their co-workers.

Then get back on the line and tell you how Russ considers you valuable and wants to help you when Russ wasn't even in the building to begin with.Be smart and use your money to pay bills and feed your family. You will be thankful.


Remember when Russ said that maybe we are so busy keeping (our) heads above water?

Friend, I hate to have to say it but, Russ is so busy trying to keep (his) head above water. They need big money and they need it now! Everybody will be shot at a chance for their money.

Russ can't stand the thought of loosing it all. He never wants to be poor again and keeping you poor so he can remain rich is all he wants.


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